Make It Through Another Night

by Resuscitators

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released January 24, 2015

Recorded & Mixed by Tom Vergez @ VPS Recordings, London -

Mastered by Jason Jones

All music & lyrics by Resuscitators

Kyle - Drums & Vocals
Matt - Bass & Vocals
Ben - Guitar & Vocals
Rog - Guitar & Vocals

Gang vocals by Resuscitators and Tommy Simpson, Michael PC, Tom Vergez, Lawrence Harrington and Jeremy Hayet

Cheers to Oli for the lend of the acoustic

Cover photo by Jess Butcher

Cover photoshop skillz by Phil Georgoulopoulos


all rights reserved



Resuscitators London, UK

Hyperactive anthemic melodic skate punk from London. Contact us for gigs!!


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Track Name: Jaws of Life
One last drunken clinch and this metal holds me tighter than you even did. Don't release that grip I don't wanna breathe again tonight. Flashing lights burn through my eyelids illuminating these regrets. Last mistake I made imprinted on my retina. I got my last love bite from the jaws of life out on the road last night and I know I'll never wanna feel that kiss again. This is my requiem now sing it back now sing it back.
Track Name: We Are The Sons & Daughters of GG Allin
We can play a show in a shithole. We can scream our lungs out to twenty kids tonight. We can come back with tales enhanced with whisky and laced with lies of how we barely got out of there alive. We can scream evidence through feedback of how our friends with kids think we’re wasting our lives. We can rationalise for hours in late night journeys in a freezing car of how these empty shows make everything worthwhile. This is our motivation. This is the reason why we’re all still alive. This is a repeat of a pointless story. Drenched in sweat and beer we’ll make it through another night make it through another fucking night. We’re lit by a fading stage light. We’re amplified by perseverance alone. We’re irrelevant spoken in past tense. But we wouldn’t trade it in for the world
Track Name: Stronger Drinks
There's a brick in my chest. Trying to push my blood around. It's inadequate to the task. There's a lump in my throat. As I contemplate my last chance. And I can tell these things they just won't last. It's time for dutch courage. It's time for stronger drinks. It's time for telling ourselves we'll be much better tomorrow. There's a brick in my chest. Trying to push my blood around. It's inadequate to the task. We've been waiting for this all our lives. So another day it just won't hurt. We're not lazy we're just too tired to move. It's time for stronger drinks. It's time for giving in.
Track Name: Little Victories
We've got bottles. We've got petrol. We've got nothing better to do tonight. I'm not bitter I'm just giving up with the world. Sitting here smiling taking you all for fools. And when did life become about these little victories? I used to sit around and dream now dreaming's not for me. If I have to take this for one more day I'll kill myself before I go insane reach into my chest and I'll close off these arteries let the dream fade away from me slowly drift away until there's nothing left of me. I'm still fighting got my back up against the wall. My friends all around me not gonna take the fall. We've got bottles some still full of beer. We've got petrol to get us away from here. We've got nothing better to do tonight. Straight on until morning second star to the right.
Track Name: The Ataris Ruined My So Called Sex Life
Have you ever had a feeling where you've lost all reason and are the days a count down to your end? Have you ever felt the pain of a loss you can't take and do you think you'll ever be the same? And I've been there before and I'll be there again. Keeping it together falling apart at the seams. Forcing a smile write down my thoughts and I've wrote this song one hundred times before. This is my SOS plea. This is my eulogy. A letter of contempt. A poem that self represents. This is my sweet lullaby giving me nightmares all the time and I'm scared out of my mind. It's not easy your losing me lost in thought and you're walking out the door. All my friends become strangers I'm talking to myself for company. I'm all fucked up but am I crazy? It's hard to tell locked in this self made prison cell. I'm sorry same story wanna hear it one last time? Same start same ending it's fucking never ending.
Track Name: W.W.P.D. (Acoustic)
She stands and she shakes with her eyes half awake. And she's standing alone just to cover up cracks. Of an image she's built of a mind in control. Of a body that's broken she stands at the side of the road. So debonair and nothing can compare to the sight of a man with the world at his feet. But he's broken inside behind those dead eyes just another person just like you and me. Let's start the think over, talk about this when sober. The stories of our lives we're writing now. Look into the reasons our confidence is bleeding. The stories of our lives we're writing now. We've missed so many chances tonight.

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