Black Label

by Resuscitators

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released August 5, 2013

All songs by Resuscitators

Cover by Georgie Humphreys and Nicola Neville (

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Hovdler at DSI Studios (


all rights reserved



Resuscitators London, UK

Hyperactive anthemic melodic skate punk from London. Contact us for gigs!!


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Track Name: 28 Answers
Drinking from bits of broken bottle. The rotten taste in my mouth. Stagnation spreading right down to my heart. Swimming down is far to easy. Gather round and hear my theory. Of how easy it is to fall apart. Days turn into weeks, turn into months and months turn into lifetimes. Stargazing through the bottom of the bottle, I don't know the names but they're beautiful from here. Gone crazy from the nights without sleeping and the days without waking should mean something to me. One of these days I'll break the cycle and I won't ever start again. One of these days I'll break the cycle but these 28 Answers they will do til then.
Track Name: Out For The Count
The drinks might make my head spin, but the spinning records they might make me think, of chances taken and regrets never appeared as we aim for immortality with words that no-one will ever hear. Why do we spill our hearts out to the world? I think I've rolled with one too many knock out blows, and now my head won't clear. I think I've borrowed way too many hours this time, and now the end is near. I think of chances taken, regrets I'll keep for years. What did you guys ever do to deserve? All these tales of melancholy punks with words too slurred from lips to fucking drunk.
Track Name: Empty Bottles
I wanna talk to you I’m having a bad day and see your face one last fucking time. I’ve hit the wall this whiskey’s pulled me to the floor and I find myself talking to ghosts of regret. And they burn like a lit cigarette. I’m fully hooked, I should leave this fucking bar but it’s hard when you’re seeing double. It’s been years since the day that you left me, and the days go by the days go by, I’ll drink to your lasting memory, standing here all alone. I play your records, they're all scratched and they're all worn, but for a moment it’s you and I who sing along. The last eight years have passed me by drinking hard, and playing guitar a soundtrack to my life. All I’ve got are these whiskey shots, empty bottles and memory loss. The last time I saw you we sat in your car, you tried to talk but I stalled you long enough. You never got your chance and you never would again, we both knew you were dying but the words they never came, they never came.
Track Name: When We Argue I Throw Shapes
Are you discussing me? Or am I disgusting you? I can never be sure I'd better check out the review. And am I doing fine? Or am I just wasting time? Let's check the boards trust their opinion more than mine. Come see me after the show and we'll skip the partying and go right to the throwing up. Come join me in analysing meaning no-one cares about lost in bad PA's and strangled sounds. This guitar is my shield voice a weapon set to stun. And it's set just high enough to escape this pedastle I'm on. These words are smoke and mirrors cover up the confidence I lack. And I hope they'll reflect these staring eyes right back. All I can offer is apologies. Just be glad I remember to breathe. All I can offer is apologies. I'm singing from the front but you can't hear the words. I could be screaming for help or backing up your...I'm writing this down it may never be heard but it doesn't matter because to one it's solid gold.
Track Name: Wasted Your Life
She says she's had enough but I know she don't mean it. It's kind of hard to believe you with that shit hanging out your arm. Now theres a guy at the door and he says he's your friend and you'll let him in and fall deeper. But the kick in the teeth is that I didn't do a fucking thing. No I didn't do a fucking thing. My friends said you were a fuck up but I always thought you were cool. Some people get all the shit luck but some people let it happen to them. I left for London but you stuck around. You should have left too but you stayed to drown. I felt responsible for the shit you did to yourself. I know you love this town but we've really gotta leave it tonight. And the ones you called your friends well they're all just fucking liars. The years they'd passed us by. It's fair to say we'd drifted apart. To call us friends then would've been a stretch I still cared but obviously not enough. Came back for Christmas but you weren't around. They were dragging you down, down, down. Couldn't bear to see you rotting away in this town. I got the call that you died from an old friend of mine and I didn't feel a thing no I just didn't have the time. Didn't go to your funeral though I didn't know why but I realise it now you fucking wasted your life.
Track Name: W.W.P.D. (What Would Pinky Do)
She smiles as she shakes with her eyes glazed awake, as she dances alone just to cover up cracks, of an image she's built of a mind in control of a body that's breaking she stands at the side of the road. So debonair and nothing can compare to the sight of a man with the world at his feet; but he's empty inside and behind those blank eyes is another person just like you and me. Let's start the think over, talk about this when sober. The stories of our lives we're writing now. Look into the reasons, our confidence is bleeding. The stories of our lives we're writing now. We've missed so many chances, we've missed so many chances, we've missed so many chance, and you've missed chances tonight.

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